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July - City Council Approves Ballot Measure to Revamp Measure Y

The Council has now agreed to place a measure on this November's ballot to completely revise Measure Y new development height standards.  The City measure doesn't answer how more traffic or an increased need for water, emergency personnel, schools, etc. will be handled should their measure pass. Learn more at

Did You Miss It?

Did you miss the last BHNA meeting? The City presented about their ‘possible’ ballot measure to completely revamp Measure Y.  (The decision to go forward and do just that with a November ballot measure will be confirmed at the July 15th City Council meeting.) The Measure Y spokesman also presented to question any changes being made to Measure Y.  Tune in below and see the time stamps for Q&A.!40221?cid=E66A3DE822ADC4D&resId=E66A3DE822ADC4D!40221&authkey=!AOgqSlOJsD1DOBY&ithint=video&e=tFXtoA

Minute 3:10 - City Presentation to “Amend” Measure Y

Minute 23:50 – Resident Q&A for City

Minute 45:25 - Measure Y Team (San Mateans for Responsive Govt/SMRG) Presents

Hour 1:09:35 – Resident Q&A for SMRG

19 Illegal Cell Towers - San Mateo Daily Journal Reports (Post July 15 City Council Mtg.)

“Between a stop-work order issued by the city and mounting pressure from residents over potential health hazards, telecommunications firm Crown Castle is in hot water with San Mateo over almost 20 unauthorized facilities it has in operation.

A local volunteer-led group, No Cell Outs, has made continuous pleas to the city to intervene in the ramped-up presence of small cells - or antennas added to telecommunications equipment to support 5G technology. - claiming they pose health risks due to radiation from higher radio frequencies and want to see more regulation around where and how such structures can operate.

"Over a dozen unapproved antennas have been operational, many since February. It took concerned residents experiencing symptoms to discover this, placing the public at great risk with little industry accountability," San Mateo resident Lindsay Raike said during public comment at a council meeting July 15. "The city is repeatedly letting Crown Castle get away with violations, showing leniency that would never be extended to a resident building without a valid permit."

Public Works Director Matt Fabry confirmed that Crown Castle has 19 sites in operation that did not get final approval from the city and, despite numerous requests, the firm has not made the necessary changes to its facilities to obtain compliance. The city had also issued a stop-work order based on previous work performed by Crown Castle, which caused utility damage.

"They aren't allowed to do any additional work on installing other facilities. They aren't allowed to submit any additional permits," Fabry said. "All that work is on hold until they make substantial progress getting all those 19 sites dealt with and then making substantial progress on evaluating all the work they did with the fiber boring."

In an emailed statement, a Crown Castle representative said the firm "received all necessary permits from the city of San Mateo to build the 19 small cells referenced," adding it is in the process of final restoration work and is actively working with the city to do so.


Some public commenters also directed their frustration toward Councilmember Amourence Lee, claiming she has inappropriately solicited donations from Crown Castle for the nonprofit CORA, an organization she has worked for as a paid consultant. Several claimed the relationship should preclude her from being involved in discussions surrounding a new wireless ordinance currently in the works.

According to an email from City Manager Alex Khojikian to No Cell Outs, however, a city probe found no substantive conflict between Lee and the telecommunications firm, as Crown Castle "is not a source of gifts or income to Council Member Lee," the email stated.


Preliminary discussions over an updated ordinance addressing some of No Cell Out's concerns were held during a City Council meeting in May. A finalized ordinance is expected to be drafted and reviewed by this fall.


Beautiful Home?

If you or your neighbor has a home with amazing curb appeal, shouldn’t it get special recognition? Nominate your neighbor (or yourself) for the annual San Mateo United Home Maintenance Award.  Each participating neighborhood association submits their finalist and the winners receive the award and recognition in September at City Hall.  Please submit the nominee's address and name to us at by July 31st.


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BHNA has a new Facebook page which you can find now at or by searching ‘Beresford Hillsdale Neighborhood Association’ on Facebook. This new social media option will allow us another place to share timely updates with you, over and above our website, and provide you with another way to share your thoughts and concerns with us.

National Neighborhood Night Out - Tuesday, August 6th!
Strengthen your community by knowing your neighbors, watching out for each other, and working together for a safe community. This event is open to all residents and blocks in the City of San Mateo.  Register your street at
The event is designed to:

  • Raise crime prevention awareness;

  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and unity;

  • Develop partnerships between the City and the community on the “block level.”


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